My Fellow Longlisters – A Write Now Update

06 Jun My Fellow Longlisters – A Write Now Update

This item was originally posted on my old blog, The January Papers. It’s been transferred here to give a bit of background to my journey through the Write Now prize.

It has once more been a very long time since I posted anything on here, which has got everything to do with me vying for the title of World’s Most Half-Arsed Blogger and absolutely nothing to do with me forgetting my WordPress password pretty much every time I try to log in. Just so you know. I’ve been meaning to post for a while now, because two of my fellow Write Now longlisters have posted synopses of their nominated books on their respective websites. Both of them sound great, so if you’re interested in the progress of the competition you could do worse than click on over and have a read. First up, here‘s Lorna Fergusson (@LornaFergusson on Twitter) on her novel Hinterland. And then we have Lindsey Mountford (@lindseymounty) author of Led Astray, which you can read about here on WordPress. Lindsey’s post also has an image taken from the edition of The Bookseller that carried the news of the competition. UPDATE: Kirsty Applebaum (@KirstyApplebaum) has now published a synopsis of her novel, Kedrichere. So that’s half of the longlist now up for your perusal. Should any of the other nominees post synopses, I’ll add them here.

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